Horses Available to Sponsor 

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The "Sponsor A Horse Program" is currently on "HOLD" while we address issues that occurred during COVID-19. Please consider volunteering and getting to know the horses and other animals while we make a few updates to the program. We look forward to meeting you soon! 

BLONDIE- Palomino, Mare, 16 years old, Intermediate, $175.00 Half or $300.00 Whole

AMEER-Gray, Gelding, Arabian,

15 years old, Intermediate $175.00 Half or $300.00 Whole


JUNIOR- Black, Gelding, QH,

23 years old, Beginner/

Intermediate $175.00 Half or Whole $300.00

Gray, Mare, Arabian,      20 years old, Beginner $175.00
Half Only
CELESTE-Gray, Mare, QH/Arab,
 8 years old, Beginning Training, Whole Only $TBD
LEXI- Black, Mare, QH, 
15 years old, Saddle Broke - Needs Finishing- Whole Only $200.00

SHAMROCK-Sorrel, Mare, QH, 5 years old, (Pending Test Ride) $TBD

CLOVER-Tri Paint, Gelding, 12 years old, (Pending Test Ride) $TBD

ECHO- Palomino Paint, Gelding, Miniature Horse, 11 years old- $115.00 Half or $200.00 Whole

No riding.


BROWNIE- Tri - Paint, Gelding, 25 years old, Miniature Horse- $115.00 Half or $200.00 Whole 

No riding.

DUSTY- Sorrel, 7 years old. Gelding, $115.00 Half or $200.00 Whole NO RIDING

BISCUIT-Bay, Gelding, Quarter Horse, 19 years Beginner/

Intermediate $175.00

Half Only

CASEY-Palomino, Gelding, QH, 22 years old, Beginner/

Intermediate Whole Only $300.00

CHEVY- Chestnutl, Gelding, Thoroughbred, 19 years old, Beginner/

Intermediate $250.00 Half or $400.00 Whole

DIXIE-Bay, Mare, T-Bred, 20 years old, Beginner/

Intermediate $175.00 Half Only


MARGARITA- (RITA) Blue Roan, Mare, QH, 13 yrs old Experienced Rider Needed $175.00 Half or $300.00 Whole

KAHLUA-Dark Bay, Mare, Oldenburg, 20 years, Beginner /Intermediate
$200.00 Half or $350.00 Whole
ROANEY- Red Roan, Gelding, QH, 14 years old,Beginner/ Intermediate $175.00 Half or $300.00 Whole

SASSY- Mare, Gray, Arabian,

18 years old Beginner $175.00 Half or $300.00 Whole

FRANKIE-Black, Gelding, Ex Racehorse-Thoroughbred- 8 years old (Pending Test Ride) $TBD

Pavarotti - Bay, Warmblood, Gelding, 27 years old, Beginner Safe $200.00

Half Only


Miss Red -

11 year old, Chestnut,  


Mare,  No Riding

Under Vets Care

SPOT- Black & White, Mare , Paintaloosa, 25 years old $115.00 Half or $200.00 Whole, No Riding


5 yr old, Gelding,


Ex Race Horse

(Pending Test

Ride) $TBD

IMG_0527 (2).JPG



QH, 17 yrs old

Intermediate Half $175.00 -  Whole $300.00

DANNY BOY- Red & White, Paint, Gelding,

20 yrs old, Miniature Horse 

$115.00  Half or $200.00 Whole

No riding.


ROCCO-Tri Paint, Miniature Horse, Gelding, 11 years old $115.00 Half or $200.00 Whole

No riding.

SURESHOT- Buckskin, Gelding,          17years old, Miniature Horse $115.00 Half or $200.00 Whole

No riding.

IMG_0472 (2)_edited.jpg


Dark Bay, Dutch Warmblood,Gelding, 20years old, $400.00 Whole 


EDDDIE- Brown & White, Appaloosa, Gelding, 30 years old, Beginner $175.00 Half Only

No riding.

CHICO- Bay, Gelding, 16 years old, Intermediate, $300.00 Whole Only

* The list of available horses to sponsor may differ as horses get sponsored and new horses come in. We will do our best to keep the list current. If you are interested in sponsoring a horse please email and we will try get back to you within 48 hours. 

* Appointments are required to sponsor a horse and the paperwork is not online.


* Please read the information posted about each horse before you come to the ranch so we can set proper expectations.

* We do not sponsor horses that can be ridden to people that do not want to ride.  If you do not want to ride, please look at the list of horses that can not be ridden.

* F.R.I.E.N.D.S. does not give away, adopt out, buy or sell horses. The horses at our facility are permanent residents in our sanctuary. 


We look forward to hearing from you.

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